Feeding the cat so they can eat ‘em later..

Those alleys..

Anónimo asked:
Idk if this is too personal but what's your sexuality??


money and in-n-out burgers

Work.. Work.. Work.. Working on mah shiiiiit! #LobbyShit! (at Broadway Mansions Hotel)



Beyond Addicted!

Huangpu District by day and night.. And the Pearl Tower!

It’s been quite a journey, a Chinese Journey! Ha! I haven’t been here for a full week yet! I’ve been liking it so far..

My first “real Chinese” meal!

Im heeeeeere!!! The promise land.. Haha! (at Broadway Mansions Hotel)

Gotta take it for a ride on a big jet plane..

The bigger the changes, the bigger the smiles. I’m afraid of what’s coming for me.. I think that makes me stronger of what I thought I was!

Is it because you’re realest? LOL
Look at you, making jokes and shit.. Hahaha! I was the realist before Iggy!.. And also, cuz the damn woman is hot as hell.. Dont you see the vajayjay flashing all the way!

No betta lock screen than Iggy!

Monday is handsome todayyyy!

So basically, I discovered how to do this thing with my camera, and I’ve been doing shapes for the past hour..